SploshDay, by Mike

I’ll get straight to the point: Splosh Day was one of the most incredible and exhilarating experiences in my life!

For one glorious summer’s day in Woking, I was lucky to be part of something truly special that will live long in my memory.

Inferno led her team of beauties – Jade, Scorpion, Amethyst, Qadesh and Zoe Page –  into a day of magnificent messy madness.

I was there to have a wonderful wrestling session with Zoe and a slippery oil wrestling bout with Amethyst and both ladies delivered big time.

Being a designated helper at the event also meant I got to witness a lot of the action first hand.

Girls got gunged, had pies flung into their faces and they endured (or is that enjoyed?!) all kinds of substances getting poured down their bikinis, panties and swimsuits.

They wrestled in it; they slipped and slid in it; they frolicked in it and, in Jade and Zoe’s case, they popped their gunge cherries in it!

The main course of this fun-packed feast was an incredible game of Splosh Bingo! No, I know what you’re thinking! You are wondering how that could work, right? Well, it did work. An absolute treat!

Splosh had never been my thing before that day but Inferno’s infectious joy, enthusiasm and passion carried me along and I’m eternally grateful to her that it did. It opened a whole new wonderful WAM world that I want more of!

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