Sploshday, by Iain

Book a venue with multiple shooting areas, invite a number of experienced wrestlers and plan a number of scenes. With so many variables bringing the right person together in the same place is akin to herding cats. On Sploshday this had to happen multiple times!

It is a reflection of the respect that Inferno commands within the wrestling community that such a strong lineup was involved, including some who had little if any sploshing experience. There was no gentle introduction with a game of bingo giving all of the girls the full sploshing experience with a variety of textures, tastes and temperatures – even the fiercest wrestler screams when covered in cold yoghurt! The varied lineup combined with the randomness of the bingo game was only enhanced by the three Ts. There would be an initial reaction to an item being received, usually a worry to an extent, the application of the item would bring a further reaction, usually a scream. There then followed a further reaction as the fears passed and the girls responded to the experience. For those watching this was a scene where we left hurting from laughing so much!

Wrestling tends to rely on grip, whether from the mats or on the opponent. Swapping the mat for an inflatable pool already reduces the grip and then adding incredibly slippery gunge creates a challenging scenario for any wrestler. A feisty wrestle, with the added complication of a gentle slope was further enhanced by the use of gunge blasters to add an distraction!