Scarlet, by Rose Crompton

We meet Dynamo, a ‘splosher’ who wrestles in gunge to supplement her wages

What does being a messy wrestler involve day to day?

I put on messy wrestling shows with my friends Poison and Inferno. We’re self-employed so we have to generate business by advertising and liaising with clients. Before putting on a show, we have to mix substances to wrestle in, finalise our routine and inflate the pool we’re going to use. We then throw
buckets and jugs full of oil, cream, custard and mud over each other while in the pool. A show is normally an hour long, but the hours we work really vary, as we have to clean the venue afterwards and leave it as we found it. We also have to go to the gym daily to keep ourselves fit enough to wrestle and we have to create new outfits and routines for the shows.

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