Paul’s Stag Do

I booked the 3G Girls for my stag day celebrations. And they were absolutely brilliant. 3G arrived in very good time and whilst I and my stags disappeared down to my local for lunch her team of people set to work setting up a custard wrestling arena in my garden. We returned from the pub to find the garden transformed with marquee, pool, shower and heater. And best of all the girls themselves (Dynamo, Inferno, Poison and guest Christina) clad in matching lime tiger print bikinis.

I had left it to Dynamo to sort out the details of what we would do and she effortlessly took charge and for an hour led us through a series of classic party games: custard twister, hands-free pass the balloon (with forfeits) and custard apple dunking. And then we wrestled. Before booking them I had had a ‘taster'(?!) custard wrestle with Dynamo (see Photos: I am the one in the blue snakeskin trunks!) and since then I had had occasional facebook contacts with Inferno, and so this time I was looking forward to getting deep down and custardy with Inferno. I was not disappointed and our wrestle was fun and (at least for me!) quite competitive. The girls were great and adapted their style to my stags.

My stags had been quite apprehensive going into the day: would it be sleazy? would it be unpleasant? Might it be dangerous? How would people know the proper boundaries? I was anxious too that if my stags weren’t relaxed the whole experience might turn out cringibly embarassing. But our worries were unnecessary: the girls were professional, very sexy and most of all extremely likeable and chatty. We had given ourselves spoof wrestler-type names whch the girls got into using straight away and this helped too. Everyone left their inhibitions indoors and the day was a great success. The genuine concesus at curry afterwards was that it had been the most memorable and individual stag do anyone could remember.

After the wrestling was over the girls turned their attention to me and, led by Poison, gave me the classic ‘stag night’ groom experience, which I hadn’t at all expected, but which put the final dollop of cream on the day.

Afterwards we all scrubbed up and reassembled in the garden when the girls handed out prizes and goody bags. Then their support team dismantled their equipment and they were gone leaving the garden surreally quiet once more, with a solitary puddle of custard to indicate what had been going on.

On a practical note, I thought the day was fantastic value for money. In addition to the girls themselves there were four other people to put up the equipment and ensure the girl’s safety. This last point was an aspect that I sympathised with but had worried might detract from the atmos: in the event didn’t at all. The guys stayed well in the background until it was over, and then joined us in a few beers whilst the girls freshened up. 8 people giving up their Saturday, plus all the travel and equipment, for less than a grand seems good to me.

So that’s about it. The photos (soon to be posted on this site) tell the same story. It was a bizarre, brilliant afternoon and one of the most fun things I ever did.

I can’t speak highly enough of 3G for making it happen for me. Thank you girls.

Paul x