Oil Wrestling Inferno

Had the great pleasure of wrestling Inferno in oil and loved it loads. I’ve had the odd standard wrestle with girls before but as a fit and active guy who does a lot of sports I wanted a new challenge.

I read about stag parties doing oil wrestling and thought it would be cool to do that myself. I looked around and found and booked Inferno. She’s hot and looked pretty fit and strong. She’s a good laugh too and gave us good as she got with the old banter!!

I knew my stamina would hold up and my strength would help me defend. But I ain’t got the skills this young lady possesses!! We slipped about a bit but she still kept using her legs to crush my head, neck and ribs loads! Her arms are powerful too. Some of the time I couldn’t keep my balance in the oil and the rest of the time was me begging her to let me go!

Towards the end I did pin her once and she couldn’t get me off her so she submitted. We lost count of how many she got though!

But I didn’t care about the score. Inferno was brilliant and I loved oil wrestling her. She looks amazing oiled up in her bikini and she’s a lot of fun with it too. She definitely made my oil wrestling fantasy come true.

If oil wrestling is your thing then take it from me, she’s well worth booking.

By Ben