Guild of Erotic Artists AGM

“…With Silvee ensuring that everyone were fed and watered, the first session started which were the 3G Girls; Poison, Dynamo and Inferno. They had been very patient whilst they waited for the furniture to be rearranged, but within a few minutes their first performance started. It was a Burlesque performance done in their own unique style…
…Lastly we had the Gooey Grappling girls perform their finale. With the mats laid down, Poison was the commentator and Dynamo and Inferno were the contestants. Poison oiled the 2 girls with baby oil and she got the crowd to cheer them on as they wrestled together.

It was a fun event although some of the holds were quite vicious!

If Big Daddy was still alive, he had a fight on his hands there! The winner was irrelevant although Dynamo did win, and the loser got a custard pie in her face and bottom!”

Images supplied by Rik Franks.